Why we are organizing this event?

Many great ideas don’t get to the point of realization due to lack of funding or unclear business models. Some brilliant innovators can’t make it to establish and run a business based on their great ideas. Some other innovators aren’t aware of the latest technology achievements, trends and ongoing projects. We will explore ways to unleash innovators’ potential for innovation and creativity. We will support them, build bridges between them and investors and encourage them to go forward in fulfilling their dreams.

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Your latest products, innovations, technologies, achievements. Introduce yourself to a high quality audience of experts, entrepreneurs, managers, developers, etc.



Get in touch with our valuable contacts and have a feedback about your offers. Introduce yourself through this business opportunity to customers, partners, researchers, developers, etc. as an innovative company.



discover the latest trends of the technologies that will shape the near future. Get access to a selection of talks and workshops in the major ICT fields given by national and international high profile speakers

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Call for proposals now open!

Submit your talk proposal now in the following categories :

  • Innovation & Investment (Innovation Management, funding & investmentopportunities, valuation, investmentprocess, etc.)
  • Smart ConnectedThings (Internet of Things, communication technologies, artificial intelligence, communication protocols, etc.)
  • Software and Mobile Technologies (latest trends in mobile and software development, Mobile related innovations, new innovative mobile services, etc.)
  • Cloud infrstructures and services (bigdata, data mining, etc.)
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Become an Exhibitor

Show proudly your innovations, achievements, products and services and get in touch with a professional audience, get valuable contacts and have feedbacks about your offers.

Introduce yourself to the world through this business opportunity and boost your brand image and get better B2B Clients.

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Learn more about the connection process

Learn more about how to prepare your pitch for investors, send your investment proposal and get meetings with the investors during the International Innovation Summit. More ressources will be published on how to pitch your idea and make a convenient talk proposal.